Beltrade: Tridonic MSensor G3 SFI 30 PIR 16DPI WH

Product description

  • Sensor developed to work with the latest DALI specification
  • Monitoring of ambient light and motion detection
  • Remote control interface allowing infrared remote control interaction
  • Individual adjustment of the parameters
  • Power supply via DALI line
  • Mounting ring and gasket included to reach IP65 protection
  • Wide range of accessories allowing extended application range
  • Double terminals for through wiring
  • 5-year guarantee

Housing properties

  • Casing: polycarbonate, white
  • Type of protection up to IP65


Tridonic MSensor G3 family sensors are developed according to DALI Standard EN 62386-101 Ed.2, also known as DALI-2. To be able to use the sensor in such installation, an application controller is necessary.