What to Know : New Energy label

What to Know : New Energy label

What to Know : New Energy label

Lighting products include light sources, such as light bulbs (halogen, compact fluorescent, etc) or LED modules/lamps.

Lighting products also include control gears (e.g. ballasts, electronic components, drivers), i.e. the devices needed to connect light sources to the electrical mains.

Energy labelling and ecodesign do not apply to lamps or luminaires (although a label previously applied until 25 December 2019).

A luminaire is a complete electric light fixture that distributes, filters or transforms light from one or more lamps (for example a table, wall, or ceiling lamp).

Energy label

Following the rescaling of the EU energy label for light sources from 1 September 2021, the new labels use a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

Because of the constant improvement in energy efficiency, most products under the original label had risen to A+ or A++ – and so a rescaling was made in order to be clearer to the consumer about which are the most efficient products on the market. [NB Existing stocks with the old label may still be sold in shops until 1 March 2023.].

The labels provide information on the product’s:

  • energy efficiency class
  • energy consumption



What to Know : New Energy label