BELTRADE SP Z O.O. is a distributor and official representative of leading European manufacturers:

  • electromechanical components for household appliances;
  • ventilation;
  • LED lighting;
  • automation elements for industrial equipment
    in the markets of Eastern Europe: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

For each sales market, a separate professional team is allocated, which consists of a Developing Manager, Project Manager, Customer Service Specialist. We are deeply immersed in the features and details of a new product at all stages of its development. Many years of experience allows you to quickly find an analogue to many components for your projects. Even at the design stage, we can significantly reduce your production costs, as well as increase the efficiency of the final product. On a particular example, it looks like this:

We have implemented technology that increases the number of cycles of switching on and off gas burners from 5,000. up to 4 million cycles. As a result, the average life of the gas plate has increased to 25 years.

If necessary, we can develop a complete production line for the product. Beltrade always looks to the future and thinks a few steps ahead. If you want to produce innovative products that will revolutionize the home appliance market, please contact us. Let your competitors copy your achievements while you move to new heights. We offer long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation based on trust and decency. We are chosen when you need confidence in the result!

Our team
Tomasz Owczarczyk
Operations Manager
Artiom Pastushyk
Business Development Manager 
Anna Bykova
Business  Developer Assistant
Bartłomiej Brygman
Project Manager
Aleksander Rodkin
Project Manager
Katarzyna Orluta-Chylińska
Office Administrator
Anna Wiśnioch
Irina Volk
Customer Service