As Beltrade we deeply care about business of our clients, that’s why we introduced service of developing their business, which consists not only in supplying components, but also we offer engineering services and market research and benchmarking. As Beltrade we believe that the only way to be leader in the market is to stay innovative that’s why we look for innovative solutions on the market which we can implement in our clients product.

We have the capabilities to manage projects in area concerning whole range of home appliances products but also we are professionals in cooling area both domestic and commercial. We cover whole process from styling to thermodynamic tests, passing through all design and engineering stages. If your request is to completely design and engineer new products, WE CAN DO IT.

If your inquiry concerns your existing product, and problems with them, we also can help you with solving it.

Our process of developing new projects with our clients starts with determining the needs of our client. You explain us Your needs – we make ANALYSIS of your product and we BENCHMARK it with existing products on the market.

After we start with INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – we perform all the phases of product development, from the very beginning when creative designers outline shapes, colours, textures and materials, to the following phase when technical designers check the industrial feasibility of the product while maintaining stylistic creativity.

The next step of the project is FEASIBILITY STUDY – we objectively uncover all the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed product.

ENGINEERING phase starts with developing the technical aspects of the product thanks to skilled designers, taking into account the functioning technical specifications and analysing all the technical, technological and functional aspects.

Every single product is considered as an assembly of structural, functional, static or dynamic, electrical or electronic parts, each one with its shape and material composition connected both with its function and with the production technology. The economic aspects are also relevant for they often influence the final project choices.

Each product has its own features, that’s why know-how and knowledge of specific fields are involved, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and all the static or dynamic simulations which are essential for the optimization of a project.

Our methods are developed by means of the most advanced CAD technologies and by software s for the assessment of specific parameters and, above all, by means of the experience which we gained over the years.

OUR refrigeration and cooking division are completed by two full-equipped test laboratories.

Prototypes and products are tested in laboratories in order to check if they meet either international standards and/ or other specifications required by customers.

Laboratories, besides testing performances and power consumption, serve as workshops for the adjustment of products, for the analysis and solution of problems found in existing products and for their implementation.

BELTRADE is not only involved with data recording, but mainly with applied research and development, together with all the assistance needed for the certification of products.