Beta Code is group born from the merger of three leaders in design and product development: A.C Engineering srl, Beta Engineering srl, Sinadesign srl.

Each one of them benefits from a long corporate history, experience and success achieved in different specific sectors of industrial design and production. They all share identical professional capacities acquired during the years.

Human resources, technology and the same operational mode meet in order to face challenges in an even more competent, dynamic and structured way, and what is essential, according to a unique code for design: Beta Code.

As backgrounds get more and more dynamic and competitive, Beta Code meets the demand of companies in search of a consultant skilled in research and development of industrial products.

Services that Beta Code is providing:

Industrial Design: The versatility of Beta Code and the technologic innovative skill, together with a particular focus on design and on customer needs, made this company a leader of this sector.

Beta Code performs all the phases of product development, from the very beginning when creative designers outline shapes, colors, textures and materials, to the following phase when technical designers check the industrial feasibility of the product while maintaining stylistic creativity.

Engineering : Beta Code develops the technical aspects of the product thanks to skilled designers, taking into account the functioning technical specifications and analyzing all the technical, technological and functional aspects.

Prototyping : The basic instruments which allow testing all the main features of a product, starting from design to functioning, are prototypes, either aesthetic or functional, made during the project phase.

Beta Code, thanks to its technical know-how, is able to choose the appropriate technology for the manufacturing of models in accordance with targets, and this is made in close collaboration with selected teams. A special attention is paid to the functional prototypes for the technical lab tests, which are the first important step towards the creation of a new product.

Laboratory test : Beta Code refrigeration and cooking division are completed by two full-equipped test laboratories.

Prototypes and products are tested in Beta Code laboratories in order to check they meet either international standards and/ or other specifications required by customers.

Beta Code laboratories, besides testing performances and power consumption, serve as workshops for the adjustment of products, for the analysis and solution of problems found in existing products and for their implementation.

Beta Code is not only involved with data recording, but mainly with applied research and development, together with all the assistance needed for the certification of products.

Mould Tools : In addition to the planning stage Beta Code follows up the whole mould construction process by means of a well-established network of suppliers that, together with specialists, allow meeting the important challenges of design.

Beta Code in a highly competitive market optimizes the equipment without losing sight of the quality required by a project.