Everel is a leading producer and supplier of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers. Through its own brands, Molveno, Dreefs, Giem and Signal Lux. Everel offers a wide range of  products for household appliances sector: switches, selectors, signal lights, motors, custom ventilation units for ovens and MEC-TRONIC components. Although the focus is mostly on electromechanical items, Everel is also investing in electronic product such as encoders, PCBs, timers, command controls.

Everel Giem specializes in designing and manufacturing low power induction motors and heating elements. These are used in small and medium sized electric household appliances, ventilating and fan heater units.

The low power induction motors are characterized by high electromagnetic efficiency. This allows Giem to meet various application requirements: ventilators, fan heaters, air cleaners, and humidifiers.

The tangential, centrifugal, convector, axial and quartz heating elements provide the maximum reliability.These represent a solution for every kind of application in the thermal ventilation field.

Everel Molveno OEM designs and manufactures electromechanical switches for household appliances and electromechanical products.

In over 60 countries, it’s a Molveno switch that turns “on and off” small and medium sized appliances, range hoods, heating and ventilation systems, computer accessories, toys, and gardening equipments.

The Molveno product offering is highly diversified, encompassing various rocker, rotary, push-button and slide switches models to connectors and illuminated indicators. The selection of sizes, ratings and accessories is unequalled. For these reasons Molveno solutions represent a more reliable, versatile and complete answer to the latest needs of different applications.

Everel SIGNAL LUX designs and manufactures electromechanical components for household appliances and electromechanical products.

SIGNAL LUX offers an exceptionally wide range of signal lights in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that come with different types of light source (neon bulbs, incandescent or luminous LED). Thanks to the flexibility of its solutions portfolio, SIGNAL LUX signal lights are used in a multitude of different industries in every part of the world.

SIGNAL LUX produces a range of pressure switches suitable for control and safety purposes in numerous applications, such as steam generators, fluid-level control devices, hydraulic circuits, boilers and vacuum pumps. The working pressure can be set up to a maximum of 3,000 mbar to match the requirements of the appliance. These components can also be used as vacuum switches and employed with liquids and gases.

Everel DREEFS offers a wide range of solutions for the electronic control of household appliances: ovens, hobs, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges.

The company is the European market leader for rotary switches used on electric ovens. Furthermore, by co-operating closely with its own customers, Everel designs and produces solutions which are tailor-made to its customer requirements. The constant investment in R&D, the use of advanced technologies, the guarantee of first-rate quality and the flexibility of the production process make Everel the ideal partner of the best large appliances manufacturers.