PATELEC has been producing moulded plugs and electric cables for over 40 years. Born as a small company, PATELEC is presently one of the leading manufacturers of power supply cords, not only in Europe but also worldwide. We believe that our success has been and will be made possible only by the fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.

Our production processes are completely integrated and include:  Copper wire drawing and construction of conductors (bare or tinned) Single and multicore cables. Our range includes cables to national standards (for example to UL/CSA and Australian norms) and harmonized (European) cables (PVC, rubber, rubber-insulated with outer jackets made of polyurethane) as well as special cables. □ Power supply cords with moulded plugs. The quality of our products is assured according to ISO 9002 and our quality system is constantly supervised by CSQ (Italy) and ASTA (U.K.). Our range is particularly wide and complete; we can supply not only all European plugs (including, for example, the British and the Danish plug) but also plugs according to U.S.A./Canadian, Austral ian, Israeli and South-African norms. This makes us a particularly attractive supplier for export-oriented companies ana large multinational groups with a worldwide presence, who are our main customers.