A.A.G.Stucchi is a dynamic and innovative company which was founded seventy years ago. A.A.G. Stucchi Company has 200 employees, has 45.000m2 production space and automated warehouse for 13,000 pallets. They offer all that is required to solutions used in traditional lighting including clamps, holders, connectors and all kinds of other lighting components. The second drop-wide activities Stucchi is a branch of LED lighting technology, which has recently help to create of new solutions and the evolution of the lighting industry. Stucchi experts are constantly working on developing new products that will be the future solutions. Every detail is carefully prepared, developed, tested and constructed. In the production departament is 50 injection molding machines and 30 machines for cutting and bending, which allows Stucchi create a completely modern forms and shapes, which are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Production lines is ended by 50 automatic assembly machines.